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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Visitors to the Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center will  have the opportunity to participate in a number of  programs offered for children and families this summer.  
  Talking Sticks     From a very early age, Native American children are taught to listen and respect another’s point of view.   Many native tribes use Talking Sticks as a creative and effective way for both  children and adults to extend their listening skills and conduct meaningful conversations that are orderly and fair  – even with adversaries.   Make your own Talking Stick and learn how to use it. Available every Friday, June 9 — August 25, 2017.
Hatteras Island Original Inhabitants:  the Croatoans
          Archaeological evidence demonstrates that Hatteras Island was an ancient home  for early people.  Originally known as Croatoan, It is the site of the first recorded contact between the English and Native people in July 1584 and the place where the oldest English artifacts in North America have been uncovered.  Learn about village life among the people John White met, see a long house under construction, and try your hand at scraping the inside of a dug out canoe.Available every Friday, June 9 — August 25, 2017.

Explorer's Fossil Pile 
            Enjoy the museum's nature trail and explore the fossil pile located near the  maritime forest pavilion.  What looks like a big table filled with sand is actually a treasure-trove of sharks’ teeth, fossilized shells, and other artifacts dating back thousands of years.  Fun for the entire family.       Available daily.
             Programs are appropriate for all ages and are included in museum admission which covers an entire week.  The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located on Hatteras  Island.   For more information, visit the web site at www.nativeamericanmuseum.org or call 252-995-4440.


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