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Thursday, June 29, 2017

OBX Pirates for Veterans Poker Run

The East Carolina Law Group will proudly Host and Sponser the 1st Annual OBX Pirates for Veterans Poker Run on Saturday 8 July 2017! The ride route that will take you from Moyock to Manteo and back to Barco, it is about 120 mile total run distance. 

Cost will be $10.00 per hand, bikers may purchase up to five (5) punch cards each and riders (passengers) may purchase two (2) punch cards each. We are planning on five (5) regular stops and one (1) wild-card stop at local Outer Banks businesses where you can relax, enjoy a cold beverage or meal of your chosing, and enjoy some greating riding, at a great time of year with great people, for a great cause. 

Kickstands up starting at 8:00 AM, last bike out by no later than 11:00AM and all bikes back in Barco by no later than 5:00PM. Following the event, while all punch cards are being tallied, there will be BBQ, and other similar food for sale after the event with some beverages (no alcohol served, but you can bring your own...just drink responsibly). There will also be Live Music and a gathering for all participant's and their families afterwards. 

50% of all proceeds generated from entries will go back to the prize pot. There will be prizes for 1) Best Hand, 2) Worst Hand, and 3) Best Wild Card Draw. The remaining proceeds generated after expenses will ALL be donated to the Elizabeth City Chapter of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to assist our brothers and sisters in arms with housing, clothing, and opportunities to reintigrate back into civilian life.



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